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2008 Sri Lanka Forex Association Training Events
ACI Dealing Certificate on the 09 August 2008

27 candidates sat for the ACI Dealing Certificate on the 09 August 2008. 19 successfully passed the exam with 8 referals. This was the first batch from Asia to sit for the ACI Certificate after the creation of ACI Asia in July 2008.


The SLFA facilitated the preparation course for this exam through Examready London, who conducted a residential training programme in this regard from the 21 to 26 July 2008 at the HNB Training Centre in Colombo.

The SLFA hopes to continue similar programmes in the future with a view to developong the knowledge and expertise of its membership and the financial markets as a whole.

Past Training Events ::

18th Aug. 2006 'FOREX WIND DOWN ZONE' / SLFA Farewell to PP Kenneth De Zilwa @ 80 club 6.00 p.m. onwards 

We will also take this opportunity to bid farewell to Mr Kenneth De Zilwa, who is planning to leave the Island for higher studies.

The first fun event of the year so lets meet, mingle and have a good time. Please contact each of your ambassadors for details...see you there 

25th Aug, 2006  (in  conjunction with  Economics Dept, University of Colombo but open to all SLFA members free of  charge) 

6 Rotten  Eggs – Significant economic & financial  disasters    

Ever  asked the question why stock market crashes happen? Puzzled how a single trader managed to bankrupt the 200 year old bank he worked for? Wondered how The Asia Tiger countries lost their economic teeth? Phil Smith, Reuters Editor for   South Asia will analyze and explain in simple language some momentous world economic and financial market events drawing on his own experiences covering these stories  during his 25 year career as a Reuters journalist. 

We invite you to attend this workshop which will be held on August 25 th  2006 at the University of Colombo Economics  Dept auditorium between 5.30  PM and  8.30 PM. It will be followed by dinner sponsored by Reuters. This would be a presentation to the University Students, topic 'Six Rotten Eggs'. Venue would be  the   Colombo University. It would be The SLFA membership is invited for this event. 

Background on  Phil 

Phil joined Reuters in 1981 when it was  still headquartered in Fleet Street on the financial markets team and in 1987 covered the global stock market collapse. He moved to U.K .economic and political news then took charge of  foreign exchange reporting heading a London based team. Covering the collapse of the  Berlin Wall and the lead up to monetary union took him on extensive travels  around Europe with some time in Bosina covering the conflict  there. He switched to Singapore in 1997 just ahead of the Asia crisis spending six months in Jakarta covering the fall of the Suharto regime.  He became Bureau Chief for the South Pacific region in 2001 moving from there to Mumbai and his current position at the start of 2005. 

Phil has held his technical analysis workshops in London, Sydney, Melbourne, and most recently at an ACI dealing simulation course in Colombo and Dhaka.