ACI 2012 update / Events
51st ACI World Congress DUBAI (22-24th/25th March 2012)
Exploring Financial Opportunities
Parallel to ACI's Council and Working Group meetings the ICA Council (Interarab Cambist Association) decided to hold its semi annual Council meeting at the ACI Dubai Congress. Abdullah Al Ahmadi , President ICA and Manfred Wiebogen, President ACI, Amr el-Ganainy, Regional Representaitve Middle East and Mohammed Al Hashemi, President UAE FMA the host of the event do expect a good participation from delegates of the entire region and the other continents. The congress will be patronized by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktou, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and Industry and President of the Dubai Health Authority. UAE Central Bank Governor, His Excellency Sultan bin Nasser Al Suwaidi, will open the congress whilst the DIFC Governor, His Excellency Abdullah Mohammed Saleh and Mr. Abdulla Mohammed Al Awar, DIFC CEO, will be amongst honorable guests. Ottmar Issing , one of the most influential European central bankers over the past 10 years, being a member of the executive boards of the Bundesbank (German Central Bank) and the European Central Bank will take over as key not speaker. Many high calibre market experts will address to the delegates.

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Learn more about the event/registry still open: Click here to register online or via the ACI office Paris

Board of Education
To grant a smooth handover Chair Board of Education at the Dubai congress, a conference call was held between Ch. Niggli, A. Emser and C. Segre February 1st. Over the years ACI is certifying some 1,400 practitioners a year. Many milestones were achieved during the past, such as recognition and recommendation of ACI's Dealing Certificate and ACI's Diploma by the FSA (Financial Services Authority), several updates of the program and more. Furthermore an ALM question pool is under review for being implemented into ACI's certification program. To check the ACI Certificate Registry : Click Here

Committee for Professionalism - Chairperson WANTED
The CFP is still on the search of a Chair CFP. Volunteers are welcome to address their application to Jean-Pierre Ravisé, Managing Director ( ). The post offers the opportunity to work with a small group of market experts on financial standards justifying ACI's recognition at governance.

ACIFXC meeting London
February 2nd the ACIFXC experts team met to discuss recent market topics. On the agenda were Tobin Tax, MiFID, Volcker Rule, Transparency and much more. A summary of findings will be provided through ACI's member entry at
Once more we are pleased to announce the new members to this high calibre board:
- Brent Callinicos, VP & Treasurer, Google,
- Wolfgang Koester CEO Fire Apps,
- Sven Carlsson, Head of Markets at Ericsson Treasury
- Clifford Cheah, Deutsche Bank's Head of global finance and FX for Asia

The EB is still in talk to re-install an association in the US. A representative of the US-team is expected to be present at the Dubai congress.

ACI China
ACI's RepOffice, headed by Ms. Linda Lee, is frequently contacted by ACI members on different requests. A recent trip to Taipeh and Beijing fostered existing relationships but also opened new doors. The project is in plan, in particular contacts to the SAFE (State Administratin of Foreign Exchange), the CBRC (China Banking Regulatory Commission) and others more are encouraging. ACI China WEB (under construction)

Meeting with the EBF - European Banking Federation
March 2nd a meeting between EBF and ACI is scheduled in Brussels. Guido Ravoet, Secretary General EBF, Cédric Quéméner, Euribor EBF Manager are inviting us to discuss future relationship between both associations. The ACI delegation will be headed by Manfred Wiebogen (ACI President), Philippe Jeanne (ACI Europe Representative) and Jeanne-Pierre Ravisé (Managing Director ACI). Additional topics will touch Financial Transaction Tax, Basel III, Euribor/Libor Fixing and others.

ACI Foundation Meeting
February 23rd, the Trustees of the Foundation shall meet at the Capital Club in London. The bursary program supports every year some 25 students mainly from emerging countries. The debate will span from future funding of the charity, to new business models, the search for new trustees and a review of the financials. The Foundation is registered under UK Charity law, public access granted.

Hans (Johann) Baerlocher (+)
Former chief UBS Jersey and President of ACI Channel Island (1999-2002) passed away January 24th after short illness. He contributed greatly to the local Finance industry and to local Treasury Operations. ACI's condolences are offered to his family - ACI lost a great supporter of its spirit.

Alan Attwood
Stalwart supporter of the ACI UK, a committee member for many years and ex ACI UK President, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. ACI UK started an initiative to make a contribution towards Stuart Atwoods (Alan's son) fund raising effort. If you would like to distribute this information and for any donation effort please to click here Additional information can be achieved via Sue Attwood, MD ACI UK (+44 7884 361 725) or Jane Exall, ACI UK Events & Membership (+44 208 4402705).
We are giving our sincerest wishes to Alan and his family.

The 51st ACI World Congress will take place 22-24/25 March 2012 in Dubai - registration is still possible.
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