FX and Money Bourse Game 2012 / Events
FX and Money Markets Bourse Game & Market Simulation 2012
The course will focus on the basics of foreign exchange, interest rates, fixed income and money markets in both capital--‐account controlled and free--‐market   currencies.  A brief overview  of  running  multi--‐asset portfolios  will  also  be  provided. The fun and competitive nature of the program creates an atmosphere that furthers learning and understanding of key concepts. There is also a focus on Risk Management and various controls and measures associated with Risk.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants would have
  • A better understanding of the functioning of global markets in a high pressure and high stakes environment
  • Obtained practical exposure in trading spot, foreign exchange and short tenor forwards, along with corresponding funding and risk control aspects
  • obtained an understanding of the dynamics and movements of money, interest rates markets
  • Played multiple functional roles across front office, middle office and back office. An end to end process perspective of the trading and position taking business.


The course is a combination of Theory sessions and simulated game play using a state of the art system, designed to provide the ‘look & feel’ of a typical simple trading console. Post session feedback ensures that learning can be immediately applied to subsequent sessions. Different roles may be employed by participants to widen the exposure across functions, as well as to increase the fun element of the game.

The program will be covered over a period of five days.

Target Audience
This  course  is  intended  for  participants who have a basic knowledge of markets  and  would  like  to  increase  their  understanding and practical exposure to the concepts of trading, markets and controls. It is useful for those who are moving into active Treasury roles or are increasing the complexity and scale of FX and Interest Rate market operations.

10th September 2012 – 14th September 2012

AS Fabric Park (Pvt) Ltd, Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka
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Mr. Haren Obeyesekere (Telephone Number +94 11 7757253  /  7757267,  Email  address ) or  
Mr.  Mr.  Eraj Rajapakse  (Tel  +94 112 421697  / email address ) on or before 27th August 2012.

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Mr. Tharusha Ekanayake at Nations Trust Bank (Telephone Number +94 777 809154) on or before 30th August 2012.

The program outline and the profile of trainer are attached for your perusal.

Sri Lanka Forex Association 

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