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ACI Seminar 2008
ACI – The Financial Markets Association established its first regional office in Hong Kong

ACI - The Financial Markets Association (“ACI”), a leading global association of wholesale financial market professionals based in Paris, France, today (11 July) established its first regional office in Asia, ACI Asia, in Hong Kong.

ACI aims to contribute to the market development through education, market practices, technical advice, and networking events such as regional conferences for the financial practitioners of world.

Mr. Manfred Wiebogen, the President of ACI, states that “the establishment of ACI Asia in Hong Kong is the result of the accumulative efforts of many during the past two years, and is extremely proud and supportive of the end result. He hopes that further development on the financial market in the Asia region will continue to prosper in the future and extends his full support to this movement.”

Mr Eddie Tan, Regional President of ACI Asia, said that “we hope to bring treasury market practitioners under one umbrella, establish common professional standards and work closely with the regulators throughout the region. In this area, ACI Asia is blessed with having the support of many regulators, such as our good host, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), with which we will continue to maintain a close communication and cooperation. Amongst ACI Asia’s many challenges are how to continue to be relevant to our profession and how to invest and motivate the next generation of leaders in our market place. ACI Asia will not take these challenges lightly.”

“ Asia is region of rising importance in the global context, particularly in terms of finance. It is therefore absolutely right for the first regional office of ACI to be established in Asia and, if I may add, for it to be established in Hong Kong, as the truly international financial centre in the region,” Mr Joseph Yam, the Chief Executive of the HKMA said. “The HKMA and the Treasury Markets Association will offer full support to the activities of ACI and ACI Asia.”

An inauguration ceremony was also held today. ACI Asia brought together the members of 14 national associations in the Asia-Pacific region and distinguished guests from Mainland China and other Asian region to witness the ceremony. Over 100 guests including international financial leaders and local markets professionals attended.

ACI Asia – The Financial Markets Association
Secretariat Office
11 July 2008